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There's no shortage of ways for your data to be lost or stolen. Make sure yours is protected by an industry leading encrypted storage service like SwissDisk.

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The original encrypted online file sync and share service.

Since 2004, SwissDisk has been providing secure standards-compliant encrypted file storage based on post-quantum encryption technology designed with your privacy as a cornerstone. Our storage gives you a dedicated filesystem, not shared with other users, protected by a key that is used solely for your storage.

Legal Firms

SwissDisk allows you to maintain integrity and compliance for all of your legal records. Whether it's sharing between offices, departments, or for being out-of-pocket with your documents, we'll make sure you don't have to worry about breaches that could reflect poorly on your firm, as well as be costly for your bottom line.

Health & Medical

There's no end to the amount of complexity required to maintain compliance and security over how you handle your patient data and internal documents. Let SwissDisk take the hassle out of your HIPPA compliance with a simple and secure storage solution. Combine with our extensive activity logging that provides easy to use audit trails, and you'll rest easier knowing where your data is.

Simplified User Management

You need to have granular control over who accesses your documents and how. SwissDisk provides an easy-to-understand solution so you know exactly how your files are being shared in your organization. Our activity logging allows you to see who in your organization created, modified, copied, moved, or deleted your files. Providing peace-of-mind for your security needs.


An Improved User Experience

Robust activity logs.

Industry standard NIST certified AES encryption.

Easy user management and access controls.

Privately allocated storage with no over-commit.

Syncronize files on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Standard WebDAV access to your storage.

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There's no time like now to get serious about the security of your data.

Plans and Pricing


Storage : 1 GB

Fully Encrypted : Yes

Free Desktop App : Yes

Free Mobile App : Yes



Storage : 10 GB

Fully Encrypted : Yes

Free Desktop App : Yes

Free Mobile App : Yes

Sub-Users : Up to 10 users

History Logs : Up to 30 days

Priority Support : Yes

7 day free trial
Starting at $9.99 per month


Storage : > 10 GB

Fully Encrypted : Yes

White-labeled Client : Yes

Sub-Users : > 10 Users

History Logs : > 30 days

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