WebDAV Clients/Apps to Enhance SwissDisk sDrive

WebDAV apps/clients can enhance your SwissDisk sDrive experience

NOTE: There is NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED to use SwissDisk sDrive. The webDAV client and app DOWNLOADS are OPTIONAL. They give you enhanced functions and features such as automated file sync, calendar sync, etc.

For Windows desktop or laptop PCs use the FREE GoodSync webDAV client.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the GoodSync webDAV client for Windows PC's NOTE: the download will automatically start.

For Apple Mac or Macbook computers use the FREE GoodSync webDAV client.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the GoodSync webDAV client for Apple's Mac

How To setup and use GoodSync

Use https://disk.swissdisk.com/Your-UserName

Step One: Click Analyze

Step Two: Click Sync

Your files are now in sync to SwissDisk!

You can also use GoodSync to sync / backup your Outlook or Outlook Express

Click here for more HELP with GoodSync

For iPhone and Android and Blackberry

Click here to download NAVIGATOR webDAV file management app

Click here to download the WebDAV plugin for TOTAL COMMANDER NOTE: You MUST already have the Total Commander app to use the webDAV plugin.

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning".
WebDAV is a standard set of software extensions that allow functions like, Edit, Upload, Save, etc. WebDAV protocol used over an HTTPS link is secure and more stable than the common FTP protocol.

Why USE a SwissDisk (WebDAV based) sDrive?

SwissDisk sDrive is your own private "online hard drive". If you save a file on your desktop computer then Drag and Drop the file to upload a copy to your SwissDisk sDrive. This not only gives you a secure online backup copy but also allows you to securely access your sDrive from any other computer or smartphone that is connected to the Internet.

WebDAV extensions allow you to securely upload files to our cloud server and...
File management is simple, using Drag and Drop, Load File, Save File, Delete, Edit, etc. Remotely manage your files from any computer or smartphone, without downloading any software.

So WHY DOWNLOAD a WebDAV app/client?

First, you don't have to. All Android smartphones as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple OS have built in support features that allow you to use SwissDisk without any download. Use your sDrive as a Network Drive, create a desktop icon or add an icon to your iPhone or Android for secure login.

However, third party webDAV apps and client software do provide enhance features. For example, drop down menus, deleting multiple files, opening two documents at once, etc.

Example, your calendar is written to work with the webDAV protocols. However you would have to type in one line at a time if you connect directly to a webDAV server. Using a calendar app gives you a user friendly interface to update your calendar.

Another popular use for a client/app is to sync your desktop, laptop, iPhone or Android smartphone calendar, contact list or files to your sDrive.

Using webDAV apps/clients with SwissDisk can make your life easy!

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