How to Use SwissDisk as a Windows Network Drive

WebDrive - Windows WebDAV ClientWebDrive is a wonderful commercial application for Windows-based computers that allow you to map your SwissDisk account via webDAV as a network drive, whereby enabling you to open, edit, and save files directly on your encrypted storage space.

NOTE: A nice freeware version of the WebDrive program is called NetDrive. More information and the downloaded can be found here:

It is important to note that WebDrive is NOT FREE, nor is it a SwissDisk product. It is also not necessary to use WebDrive as a means to connect to your SwissDisk and the information provided below is for informational and support reasons as it applies to SwissDisk's connectivity and benefit to our users. Please use these links below if you are interested in:

Installing WebDrive

Once WebDrive has been downloaded and installed, it is rather easy to configure and connect to your SwissDisk account. Use the picture below for assistance and remember, use your SwissDisk username in place of "myusername".

  • Set the Site Address/URL to:
  • Set the Server Type to: WebDAV
  • Set the Drive to: Any available letter
Windows OS WebDrive Configuration Screen for SwissDisk Connectivity
PLEASE NOTE: That if you would like access to your SwissDisk after your computer restarts, check the "Connect at login/startup" checkbox as pictured above.

After WebDrive has been installed and configured, you can access your SwissDisk account in the exact same nature as your own internal hard drive. This includes opening, editing and then saving files directly on your SwissDisk.

Windows OS - SwissDisk as a Network Drive
The window above shows just how easy it is to access your SwissDisk from Windows Explorer using WebDrive.

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