How to Use The SwissDisk Web Interface

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When you signup for a SwissDisk account we provide you a single URL (web address) that you can use to access your files and folders on your encrypted SwissDisk. Using a web browser, with this address, is by far the easiest one-click way to get to your data.

My SwissDisk URL or Internet Address
My SwissDisk Login PaneYou may also use the SwissDisk login pane that is accessible on every page of the SwissDisk website*. Once logged-in you will be directed to your My SwissDisk page that contains all of your files, folders, and data. From here you can perform all the functions outlined below.

Please note that after you login to your SwissDisk account, you will have to reauthenticate to view other areas such as you personal and billing profile pages. This is required to provide additional security for your information. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Support Center.

* The login pane is only available on the home page to users of handheld computers such as PDA's, Smartphones, etc.

My SwissDisk – Features & Information

Below is a summary of the My SwissDisk user interface and various functions that you can perform while logged in.

My SwissDisk Web Interface
  • My SwissDisk: This is the first window you see when you log into your SwissDisk account via the web site interface. It displays all of the files and folders in your encrypted SwissDisk account. For the web interface you can do the following functions:
    • View Available SwissDisk Storage Space Used & Free
    • Download and Upload Files
    • Rename and Delete Files
    • Create and Rename Folders

  • Account Profile: From this section you can view your current service tier with SwissDisk. This includes the amount of storage space and associated monthly fees. You can also perform the following functions:
    • View Service Level and Monthly Costs
    • Upgrade Your Account and Storage Space
    • Enable Multi User
    • Cancel Your Account at Anytime

  • Personal Profile: The personal profile page lets you view and edit your contact information such as your name and email address. This page also displays the age of your password and recommends when it should be changed. A summary of the features of this page are:
    • View and Edit Personal Contact Information
    • View Password Age
    • Change your SwissDisk Password

      Remember, if you forget your password, you lose your data!

  • Billing Profile: The billing profile page allows your to view and edit the name and billing address of the credit card you chose to debit your SwissDisk monthly services from. This page will also display any billing errors or late payments. If anything on this page needs to be revised, you must also supply the credit card number and verification again. A summary of the features of this page are:
    • View and Edit Billing Name and Address
    • Edit Credit Card Type, Number, and Expiration Date

  • Billing History: The billing history page shows a record of all previous charges to your account along with any billing errors that will be billed on the next cycle. Features on this page include:
    • View Account Balance
    • View Next Payment Due Date
    • View all Previous Transactions

  • Temp URLs: Temporary URLs allow you to share files on your SwissDisk filesystem without having to give people access to the whole filesystem, or to your username and password. The URL does not require a password for the user accessing it. However, because of the unique identifier associated with each URL, you can still be assured security. Temporary URLs automatically expire after a predetermined time, defined by you. Features on this page include:
    • Delete a Temporary URL
    • Renew a Temporary URL

  • Multi Users: If your account includes support for multiple users sub-accounts, you can configure these users here. Note that there are two types of sub-accounts, Full and Limited. Full users can access your entire storage area just as you can. Limited users can only access a same named subfolder and a shared sub folder. For example, if your username is MyCompany, and you create a limited sub account called Roger, he would only be able to access these two URLs:
    Features on this page include:
    • Creating and deleting sub accounts
    • Setting sub account type (Full/Limited)

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