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With Smart Phones Everyone is "Mobile"... and so is SwissDisk!

Strong End-to-End 256-bit AES Algorithm

Sync any smartphone or tablet

Securely sync your calendar anywhere in the world!

How to configure iPhone to sync using OmniFocus

Other iPad and iPhone webDAV apps include:

NoteBooks - Wallet - iBank - Receipts

Navigator for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Android OS devices find webdav apps at AppBrain

Never worry about storage size or security of your data.

Securely wireless sync your data anywhere in the world.

Stay private and maintain your confidential documents.

My SwissDisk on a HP iPAQ 6513

Securely sync to your computer via SwissDisk.

Your data is encrypted on your personal filesystem.

This ensures that your corporate documents, proprietary information,

and intellectual property are available to you and you alone.

If your device is lost or stolen, immediately change your password.

At SwissDisk your data remains encrypted, safe and secure.

Use your handheld's internet connection and our handheld optimized web interface you can quickly and easily access your encrypted files. The possibilities here are limitless, but here are a few good examples:

  1. Documents To Go - Keeping critical project and work files on your SwissDisk allows you to access and edit them from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Do you need to revise and email a proposal that you were just working on in the office? If that proposal resides on your integrated SwissDisk, it would only be a few clicks away.

  2. 100% Private and Confidential - If privacy is important to your mobile office then move your files safely with SwissDisk so that you can maintain secure access when ever you need them. Remotely access and integrate documents and presentations while on the road. If your handheld device is also a digital camera, upload your remote shoot to your SwissDisk to open up memory for more photos. Remember all files are encrypted and 100% secure.
For more info on handheld devices, please visit our system requirements page.

* Editing documents is limited to the software capacity of your handheld device. For instance, editing a Word document on your BlackBerry requires software from a 3rd party company such as eOffice by DynoPlex.

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