Private Secure Online Storage

Private Online Server to Secure Your Files

Online storage that is portable Free Online Hard Drive service.

Use any internet web browser to securely access your encrypted sDrive account.

Wireless sync, online storage and backup for any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Easy 1-click, drag-and-drop to upload files, personal data.

SwissDisk's unique online server:

Private Key Encryption

Private Key Encryption - aka AES encryption.

You have the ONLY KEY to your encrypted account.

Not even SwissDisk employees can access your account!

Private key encryption ensures your end-to-end data privacy.

*Note, if you lose your password you will lose your data!

Strong End-to-End 256-bit AES Algorithm

Strong End-to-End 256-bit AES Encryption - When you upload files via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) they are encrypted. Then we use the same 256-bit AES cipher to encrypt your entire personal SwissDisk online hard drive.

Our encrypted data storage satisfies Government requirements for personal data security as mandated by:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • FIPS-197 (AES) Approved Encryption

Desktop Integration

Desktop Integration & Accessibility - Secure access with any web browser, or integrate directly within your Windows or Macintosh operating system via WebDAV.

Your SwissDisk online hard drive is as easy to use as a local drive on your computer. No additional software is required.

You can access your SwissDisk account using any Android, iPhone, iPad, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, tablet or handheld device that can connect to the Internet.

Our Clients Typical Uses

Our philosophy is 100% privacy and accessibility.

Listed below are some individual and corporate practices that we support.

Legal and Law Offices

Legal and Law Offices

An attractive option for lawyers or law firms who need turn key encrypted security.

Business Files

Business Files

Businesses can secure confidential documents. A perfect solution for traveling executives.

>Medical Files and X-ray Image

>Medical Files and X-ray Image

Securely store and access digital x-rays or medical files from any web accessible location.

Music and Multimedia

Music and Multimedia

Uploading large media files to SwissDisk gives you a secure mobile advantage.

Architecture Firms

Architecture Firms

Architecture firms can securely share digital blueprints, large bitmap files, and AutoCAD documents.

Data and Packages

Data and Packages

SwissDisk is perfect for securely sending large files or storing data for personal computer backups.

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Consumer Silver
Beginning storage for most needs.
1 Gig
$3.99 Month (2nd month free!)
Consumer Gold
Typical account for computer backups.
5 Gigs
$6.99 Month
Enterprise Silver
Great for large document storage.
10 Gigs
$12.99 Month
Enterprise Gold
Large documents and Backups.
20 Gigs
$19.99 Month
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