Don't Gamble With Your Data

We take the security and confidentiality of your data very seriously. Your privacy is the core of our business model and when we say “secure” we mean it! There is no other company that provides secure document management and network area storage via a completely portable and encrypted filesystem. Take a look at how the competitors measure up on the "secure" facts.

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Secure Online Storage
(256-bit encrypted filesystem)
Yes No No
Your data remains in your own personally encrypted filesystem. Your online storage space is not shared and is only accessible to you.
Privacy & Confidential
("private-key" encryption)
Yes No No
Your online storage area is encrypted with your "private" password. Not even SwissDisk or its employees can access your files.
Secure Communications
(256-bit secure socket layer)
Yes Yes No
For the most secure communications we use maximum 256-bit SSL certificate. As an example, most banks only use a 128-bit SSL encryption.
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