Private Encrypted Online Storage - How It Works

(1) Use any Web-Enabled Device Such As a Computer, PDA, Smartphone, Etc.(2) Unlock your SwissDisk As a Network Drive or Web Interface(3) Work with your Files & Data such as Office Documents, Pictures, Music, Etc.
SwissDisk sDrive - Any smartphone or computer. - Anywhere you have internet access. Securely access store, sync, backup and work with your data via our off-site encrypted system. We've built a system like no other that is custom built from the ground up to provide unparalleled privacy, security and accessibility to your sensitive and confidential documents.

SwissDisk - Private Key Encryption

We are unique in that we provide our customers with "private key" encryption which gives you the only accessible key to your encrypted storage space. Because of this, we are able to encrypt your whole personal filesystem using a 256-bit AES cipher that ensures that no one but you can access your files! Nobody but you, not even SwissDisk and it's employees. All this security is transparent to you. Our method of data storage satisfies security requirements mandated by:

    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
    • FIPS-197 (AES) Approved Encryption

SwissDisk - Built from the ground up.Unlike other off-site storage services, SwissDisk uses standards-based protocols to integrate seamlessly with the computing platform of your choice. You do not need to download or install extra software, or learn new tools in order to use the service. Whether you are using PDA’s, Smartphones, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or proprietary Unix operating systems, you can easily manipulate the files in your SwissDisk storage area.

SwissDisk - Utilizing WebDAVUtilizing WebDAV, SwissDisk brings its unique storage solution directly within Windows Explorer and the Mac OS Finder’s interface. This gives you drag-and-drop easeDrag and Drop Access with Windows or Macintosh of use! WebDAV is a standards-based extension to the common HTTP protocol (what you use to access web sites) which allows uploading, renaming and direct access to data as it resides on your SwissDisk storage space. To learn more about how to use WebDAV with your computer, visit our Support Center for detailed instructions and great ideas.

SwissDisk - Secure SSL ConnectionsIn conjunction with the HTTP/WebDAV protocol, your connection to SwissDisk is secured using industry standard SSL encryption. This is the same encryption that is used to secure online transactions with your bank or online store.

SwissDisk - High Availability & RedundancyAvailability to your secure data is built into the SwissDisk hosting systems. We use servers in multiple locations to ensure system uptime. In the even of hardware failure there will be no downtime to our service. The system configuration for our storage servers is designed with double redundancy for the maximum High Availability standards.

SwissDisk - Built for Handheld Computers
The SwissDisk website has been optimized for handheld computer users. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Droid, Palm, BlackBerry or other smartphone, you can quickly and easily access the encrypted files on your SwissDisk storage area using your internet browser or a webdav app. For more information on supported devices, please visit our Support Center.

To learn more about using SwissDisk, please read our detailed documents explaining how our encrypted storage works with specific hardware. These can be found in our How To section. The following articles are available:

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