How to UpLoad Files to Your SwissDisk Account

How to upload files to your private SwissDisk account.

Log in to access your private SwissDisk online hard drive. Then click on the select file button. You can chose any single file to upload this way.

One of the easiest ways to upload files is to use SwissDisk as a Windows Network Drive or OSX hard drive. Once you have created a SwissDisk desktop icon then
simply Drag-and Drop to securely upload files to your private SwissDisk hard drive. File upload is 100% end-to-end encrypted using Private Key encryption technology to ensure your privacy and integrity of your files.

All files uploaded to SwissDisk is done using the very stable https webDAV protocol. This ensures that your data files are not only secure, but that uploads are done without any data loss.

Many users prefer to use a third party webDAV software client to upload files and manage files in their SwissDisk account. Using a third party webDAV client allows you to load multiple files at once. Delete multiple files, move, rename, etc.

Create an encrypted cloud backup of any sensitive files or any file that you might need to access from another computer or smartphone.

Share your account using the Multi-USer feature, give someone their own password to a single file in your secure online storage SwissDisk account.

Securely send a single file using our Temporary URL feature. Create a secure Temp URL that is associated with the document that you want to send. Send the Temp URL to whomever you want. They can follow the secure link to open the document. You set the Temp URL link to expire based on how long you want the other person to be able to access the document.

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