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Typical account for computer backups.
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Large documents and Backups.
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Our Clients Typical Uses

SwissDisk beleives in 100% privacy using 100% end-to-end encryption.

Some benefits of having your own mobile encrypted personal cloud server are:

Legal and Law Offices

Legal and Law Offices

Lawyers/law firms who need encryption to ensure client privacy

Business Files

Secure Mobile Files

Secure mobile access to confidential documents for travelers

Photography and Images

Photography and Images

SwissDisk is a secure data haven for private digital photo libraries and documents

Music and Multimedia

Music and Multimedia

Store large media files giving yourself a secure, yet mobile advantage

Architecture Firms

Architecture Firms

Architects can securely share digital blueprints, large bitmap files, or AutoCAD docs

Data and Packages

Data and Packages

Use SwissDisk to privately share digital info or securely backup sensitive files

Free Online Storage

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Documents to Go Securely

Smartphone SpecialDo you use an iPhone, iPad, Droid, BlackBerry, Palm or Handheld Computer? SwissDisk's encrypted online file system gives your Documents To Go 100% privacy and security.

Learn more about what SwissDisk can do for mobile professionals by visiting our Support Center and related How To articles or Signup Today for our mobility value bundle.


  • 20GB Private Encrypted Online File System
  • 24/7 Global Access
  • Sync using a webDAV app